Your Game Day Party Guide

Posted by Skeeter on 8th Feb 2023

A photo featuring a Skee-Ball Game Ball and a sketch of a football play and pizza to show off Game Day ideas

Let's get real - most of us are in it for the commercials, but that doesn't mean you can't still throw a legendary game day party! Here's what to do. 

During the winter, days are short and the weather is cold - so the best parties thrown this time of year are focused on football. Whether you're a football fan or not, hosting (or attending) a football party centered on the "big game" is about more than just touchdowns and tackling. Feast your eyes on the game day snacks, slammin' "super" cocktails, and watch party entertainment off of the big screen. 

Cheers to Game Day

It's game day, and the first surefire way to make sure you have the best party on the block is to stock up on beverages. Not everyone is going to want to drink beer. Whip up pitchers of punch, margaritas, or lean in on beer as a tailgate staple with a twist. Beer cocktails or beer-mosas make for an exciting new way to mix up a beer routine. 

Dig Into the Dips

It's the biggest game of the season, so that means, you either go big or go home. The answer: dips. A menu that will please die-hard football fans and serious snackers alike includes a spread of dips. Veggie dips. Spinach dips. Avocado dips. Bean dips. And you can never go wrong with cheese dips. 

If you're having a brain fart on fan-favorite dips, ask guests to pitch in. An all-dip party will always be a hit. Have guests bring their own favorite recipes to share, make sure you have room on the table to spare.

Feeling really adventurous? Incorporate your dips into your very own football inspired snack stadium.

Bowl Party Ideas

One of the most important elements of your big game day party is the ability to actually watch the game (or the commercials). Gather around the big screen TV, or a projector - make sure you have access to live coverage or the ability to successfully stream the final match up. 

From there, consider your guest list. More specifically, keep your numbers to however many you can comfortably seat in front of the TV(s) - more on seating later. 

Other than that, don't overcomplicate things. Football, food, and friends are the triple threat of any great game-day party. Start with those three, add a few extra suggestions details from this post, and you'll take a humble gathering all the way to the party hosting hall of fame.

Don't Skimp on Game Day Seating

Other than making sure you can actually watch the game, one of the more overlooked foot-bowl hosting tips you'll need to get you ready for the big day - game day seating or game room furniture. Couches, chairs, bean bags - are all acceptable options. And if you have a great game day spread in the kitchen, we'll bet that some people will be hanging around the kitchen island rather than in the living room with their eyes glued to the TV. When it comes to seating for a football watch party, just make sure you have options proportional to the number of guests you're expecting. 

Pick a Winning Lineup

Even the most thrilling football games can get a little tiresome after a while. Have a few low-key games set up so those who are inspired to get athletic before, during, or after the game have something to do. Shuffleboard, pool, and Skee-Ball® are great game day options to inspire a little friendly competition. Unlike the former, Skee-Ball has a slight advantage during game day parties because you can pick up a quick game in 5 minutes or less - meaning there's time during commercials to test your Skee-Ball®acumen. 

And at the end of the day, don't be afraid to just...

Wing It

At the end of the day, as long as you have good snacks, cold drinks, and most importantly great company surrounding you - you really can't go wrong. Take or tweak these game day party ideas perfect for hosting a super, bowl party or football party at home.

Whether it's for a casual Sunday afternoon watch party or a championship gathering, these entertaining ideas will help both seasoned pros and promising rookies plan the ultimate game-day event.

[Oh yeah, and don't forget the bone-in wing spread. Nothing says football themed party hosting tips like a platter full BBQ chicken, sweet chili, and hot buffalo wings with a hearty side of ranch.]