Green background with the top half of a red Skee-Ball arcade game and the words Enter to Win a Skee-Ball Deluxe

Ready to Shoot Some Hoops?

Shoot for the high score as you cheer on your favorite basketball team and score a SuperShot by Skee-Ball® this season. Clocking in between 7’ 9” and 8’ 6” tall (yes, the height is adjustable), SuperShot® features a custom LED lit backboard nestled atop a sleek chain-link hoop for a larger-than-life experience in 8+ unique game plays for up to eight (8) players: from Classic Sprint and Arcade Endurance to Around the World and Elite Bracket Buster. In celebration of the launch of SuperShot by Skee-Ball®, one lucky winner will bring home a SuperShot®, in-home basketball game (winner selected mid-July 2023). Enter now!

Did You Know?

After spending more than 100 years perfecting the original alley roller game, Skee-Ball® is thrilled to expand its offering of home arcade games. Digital pinball, basketball, cornhole, and more - all powered by the Skee-Ball® brand.