Skee-Ball® Classic With Free Play

Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Classic
Arcade Gameplay, Meets Classic Style.
The Skee-Ball® Classic has the traditional look and feel of the arcade machine you know and love, but with a free play button so that your friends and family can play over and over for a high score.

This vintage-inspired look is perfect for any retro-style game room. For that special touch of nostalgia, the Classic provides a front metal cage, classic arcade sounds and the industry-standard 10-foot ramp.

Limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty included
Proudly handcrafted in the USA

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Perfect for In-Home or Commercial Game Rooms

Authentic 9-Ball Classic Gameplay

Set up and Play in Less Than 60

I want the arcade experience - the sounds, the play, everything - will this give it to me?

Yes! Save for the physical footprint, this includes the original Skee-Ball® arcade sounds, the same gameplay, and the same hours of fun and years of memories made.



Commercial Alleys

Skee-Ball Classic is the authentic alley roller currently available to arcades, bars, and family entertainment centers as a coin-operated, pay-to-play machine. For more information on commercial alleys, unlike the Skee-Ball Classic with Free Play listed above, connect with our sister company, Bay Tek Entertainment, Inc. Bay Tek's portfolio offers a variety of ticket redemption games and a self-contained prize center, Prize Hub, to fit any game room need. 

Handcrated and Built in the USA

Made with the same quality and attention to detail as the original 1908 arcade models (built using the same process)! Manufactured in the heart of America.

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