Set of 4 Replacement Game Balls for Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Deluxe

Skee-Ball® Deluxe Game Balls

Set of four (4) replacement home arcade game balls for the Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Deluxe.

  • 2.5" round, rubber balls
  • Solid brown with Skee-Ball® logo
  • Home or "wall" friendly
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Talk to me about the "home friendly balls," and why are there only four?

Deluxe uses a high-density rubber ball. The game play is the same, but the feel is different as it is a lighter weight ball. Or as we say a "dry wall" friendly ball!

Don't get us wrong, these are not unsubstantial. Weighing in at about 3 oz., these are heavier than a racquetball or tennis ball, but lighter than a traditional woodgrain ball.

Balls collect and auto-return in the front, rather than down the side, which means there's only room and only need for 4 - because they'll keep coming back.

The digital display keeps track of ball count and score, so the game play is the same as the arcade, with more accessibility

Can the Skee-Ball® game balls be interchanged between the home arcade models (Premium, Deluxe, 1908)?

We do not recommend interchanging Skee-Ball® game balls between arcade machines. Game balls need to be a specific size per machine in order to trigger sensors and not get stuck. The Skee-Ball® Classic, Skee-Ball® Glow, and Skee-Ball® 1908 models all use the same size game balls.