SuperShot® Home Arcade Basketball

SuperShot® Home Arcade Basketball
Lace Up Your Sneakers and Perfect That Jump Shot. Clocking in at an adjustable 7’8” to 8'6" tall, SuperShot® by Skee-Ball® is a premium in-home basketball game featuring a custom LED lit backboard nestled ... Read More
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How many games are included on SuperShot?

9 different game modes, for up to 8 players - including a local 8 player bracket tournament. Games for ballers, games for families, games for arcade enthusiasts.

Where does my SuperShot come from?

SuperShot cabinets are made and shipped from good ol’ Pulaski, Wisconsin (USA), just outside of Green Bay - home of the Pulaski Polka Days, and of course, the Green Bay Packers. Your SuperShot is handmade, in house, with the same quality and attention to detail as our commercial arcade units.

What is it made of?

We pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship and seriously solid materials of the SuperShot cabinet. Steel frame and legs, coupled with commercial grade 3/ 4" wood guarantees stability and longevity. Built for game after game, after game...after game.

How can I adjust the height and length?

SuperShot offers real sized game play for “kids” of all sizes - from Bogues-size to Ming height! Height of the cabinet and length away from the hoop to the ball return are easily adjustable at any point.

Height: Start by loosening the fastening hardware on each leg. Then, grab a few friends. To lift the cabinet, remove the hardware from each leg, raise or lower the cabinet and reattach.

Go at it one leg at a time, starting front two legs first, then moving to the back legs.

Length: It's a built in drawer! To extend, grab ahold of the front control panel on the inside, pull towards yourself. There are two metal plates on each side of the front panel, pull out until those two plates slide down and lock in on the retention shoulder. At that point, the extension will be locked into place.

To shorten, take the balls out and set them on the floor. Simultaneously lift the side plates and pull towards the player until the slide plates can be moved back up into the center. Push the drawer back in.

Does it come with basketballs?

Yes! It comes with five (5) size 7 leather basketballs. If you need additional basketballs or want to play with something different, no worries! Our only ask is you use authentic leather balls, instead of rubber - which can leave smudges and marks on the backboard and ball return.

Is it easy to move?

You can slide the game cabinet around, but remember it is 326 lbs. We suggest finding three (3) other friends to safely pick it up by the legs and move it where you need it to be?

How do I start playing?

Plug it in. Power on. It's that simple.

Can I adjust the volume? Or change the lighting?

Yes. Volume is easily adjusted using the main navigation. In the menu, simply scroll up or down until you land on "Volume" - change the volume level by hitting the buttons left or right. Multiple ambient lighting modes (including dark mode) and a “quiet” mode that disables the sound are selectable using the same buttons on the front of the cabinet.

How do I reset high scores?

Navigate into the menu using the arrow buttons on teh front. From there, you'll see "Reset High Score." Hit the right arrow 10 times consecqutively to reset all scores to zero. Yes, it’s an “Easter Egg” so you don’t accidentally reset your top scores!

Can I see it in action before I buy?

If you're in the neighborhood (or driving distance) from Wisconsin - come visit us! We'd love to show you around and play a friendly game of basketball. Otherwise our SuperShot by Skee-Ball models are available through our robust dealer network, across the contiguous United States. Connect with us to locate the closest dealer in your neighborhood.

Are you ready to play?

No, that was our question to you. Game on.