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Y'all Ready For This?

Lace up your sneakers and perfect that jump shot because something big is coming from the makers of Skee-Ball®. Clocking in a  7' 8" tall, SuperShot® by Skee-Ball features a custom LED lit backboard nestled atop a sleek black chain-link hoop for a larger-than-life experience in 8+ unique game plays for up to 8 players: from Classic Sprint and Arcade Endurance to Around the World and Elite Bracket Buster. And if shooting the buzzer beater wasn’t enough,  feast your eyes on an in-home basketball game - designed with aesthetic in mind - handcrafted in the heart of the Midwest where quality, fine details, and authenticity combine to create a modern, statement piece you’ll be proud to show off. Hoop there it is! Sign up below to be first on the list when SuperShot is available to the public. 

Why SuperShot®?